Group piano lesson

Group Lessons Rock and Here’s Why!

Students develop social skills and engage in teamwork.

Group dynamics create room for each unique personality.

Appreciation for multiple perspectives – everyone learns from everyone, not only from the teacher.

Community, camaraderie, friendship – within piano learning and potentially beyond as well.

No student is on the spot with the teacher for the entire lesson.

Students learn to teach others – can take on a leadership role.

Parent gains support from other students and parents.

Dynamic environment accelerates learning.

Multiple types of learning through observation and experience.

Variety, physicality and group dynamics increasing students’ attention and engagement.

Interactive discussion creates questions and comments not all students would think of on their own.

Increase in-lesson educational support.

Classmates provide the opportunity for out-of-lesson educational support.

Presence of others facilitates singing alongs!

Playing and singing together gives ensemble performance experience.

Playing in front of others provides public performance experience.

Constructive peer pressure – groups increases students’ sense of accountability.


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