Alumni Graduation: Solo Show by Francois Barrilleaux

Francois first started when he was just 9 years old and went on to study piano and voice with us for the next 8 years. Here is a highlights video of the show-July 28th, 2018.


“Piano has given me an outlet.  During school when I’m really busy with stuff I have the piano. I can compose my own music, sing songs and do whatever I want really and just enjoy myself for a little bit. Take some time out of my day to just play music. It’s really been a creative outlet for me. It’s also just nice to perform. It always feels really good after I perform in front of people. They enjoy what I play or what I sang.  Even though it can be kind of nerve-wracking sometimes  being in front of an audience…it’s very rewarding!”

Francois Barrilleaux

We also Teach Our Students  How to…


They write their own songs! How cool is that?

Improvise music. On the spot.

So they can tour the world playing music someday. Why not?

Find their own unique  “sound”.

So they can express themselves and their feelings.

Introduce themselves on the mic.

So they feel good about speaking in front of other people.

Get into music groups.

So they can have fun, be social and share music at school and other places!

Write arrangements.

So they can create beautiful songs for ANY occasion: Weddings, memorials, celebrations, and gatherings.


Because music is deep like that.

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